Movies Anywhere

Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Download: Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, Web
Year: 2015–2016

Disney established itself as the only Hollywood studio with a successful digital movie locker with Disney Movies Anywhere, which I designed for. But a few years in, other studios took notice. Disney led the charge for an industry-wide movie locker service along with four other major studios, including Sony and Fox, and I was tapped to lead the UX for the new product. But how would this new service provide a high-quality movie fanatic experience while appealing to the wider public?

Fans Come First

Leading the UX design with the help of an outside visual design agency, I combined my historical knowledge of Disney Movies Anywhere with new research to create a product worthy of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Disney Movies Anywhere's audience consisted of moms and very young children, but this new product would need to appeal to the Hollywood studio's diverse audiences. I held design workshops to determine these new personas and mapped features according to each persona. Then I created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes to test in-person with movie lovers. Furthermore, I designed proof-of-concept prototypes used by executives to inspire the other studios with our vision.   

Among all the different personas, franchise fandom was central to their motivations. We designed for these fans with movie detail pages that prioritized exclusive content, surfaced popular trailers, and shared movie news. Curated collections catered to favorite franchises and characters, and a recommendation engine would smartly suggest new movies to buy. Users could also download movies for offline viewing. 

Movies Anywhere 1Movies Anywhere 1

Movie Detail Screen. Left: Landscape Tablet. Movie that is currently in theaters with a CTA to view theater showtimes. Feature to watch the movie trailer featured prominently, a favorite action among users. Right: Full screen. 

Movies Anywhere 2Movies Anywhere 2

Movie Detail Screen. Left: Full screen. Right: Landscape tablet. Movie is currently in pre-release with CTA to pre-order. The user can interact with the treasure trove of content available to studios before movie release, including trailers, set photos, and movie news.

Your Movies, Together At Last

With Movies Anywhere, users can instantly connect their movie purchases in iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play or Vudu into a cloud-based digital locker. They can buy new movies and watch their collection on any connected device or through any connected provider. But users had a difficult time understanding that they still had to purchase movies, rather than stream "freely" as perceived with Netflix. Through user testing many iterations of a light-weight onboarding experiences, I designed one that seamlessly connected accounts while easily explaining the purchase-based model. 

Movies Anywhere was just that — anywhere — so we designed solutions for iOS, Android and web as well as working with partners for Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. Each platform was designed natively to suit the interaction model familiar to each user. By the end of the project, I was fully versed in the different subtleties of each platform.

Movies Anywhere 4Movies Anywhere 4

High-fidelity comps tested with users on tablets to determine the most frictionless onboarding flow. 

Movies Anywhere 3Movies Anywhere 3

Video Play UI. Left: Chromecast view. Right Top: Player controls. Right Bottom: DVD chapters available for titles in Movies Anywhere. 

Film fans and studios alike love Movies Anywhere, and hailed it as an industry achievement. In just 3 months, users streamed more than 3 million hours of content and stored nearly 80 million movies in digital lockers. The studios have released exclusive content available only on the platform, including an action scene for "Kingsman 2," and plans to releases thousands of more hours of additional content. Happy watching!


Hours streamed in the first 3 months


Movies in digital lockers in the first three months


Titles in the catalog at launch