Monrovia Plants

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Monrovia is nationally known as a purveyor of high-quality plants -- in fact, they grow 22 million annually. Monrovia had sold wholesale to brick-and-mortar shops until they partnered with Primitive Spark to launch Shop Monrovia. The new direct-to-consumer ecommerce site needed to provide the shopping experience green thumbs loved while lending itself to effective digital marketing.

After performing an audit of Monrovia and its competitors, I learned that the plant company's most popular search terms were not reflected on Monrovia's site. The current content did not include popular plant categories, and the site's architecture was not optimized for search engine ranking. With this information, I created SEO-optimized landing pages as wireframes in Axure with complete content strategy notes. I reorganized and relabeled the site's architecture to increase search engine ranking. Finally I created text ads and display ads in Google AdWords that linked back to these new landing pages. 

Monrovia's most popular search terms were not reflected on its site.


In three short months, Shop Monrovia went from being unknown online to being exposed to over 50,000 potential customers. The new landing pages and online marketing generated more site visits and revenue than other ad channels during this campaign. Green thumbs can now shop from their comfort of their own garden.

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