Disney Movies Anywhere

Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Year: 2015

With nearly 15 million downloads, fans loved Disney Movies Anywhere, an app that collected purchased movies across a digital locker. But movie streaming habits had changed in the two years since the app was launched. As UX lead designer, my challenge was to identify and design for the needs of Disney's changing audience.

Who's Watching?

Movie fans had purchased movies across platforms and devices, or perhaps only purchased DVDs. The app allowed users to connect multiple providers like iTunes, Google Play and VUDU to watch their movies across their devices. Users could redeem digital copies of their physical DVDs, watch exclusive bonus features, and download movies to their device. Using analytics from the current product and user research, I discovered some surprising opportunities for Disney Movies Anywhere.

First, the app had been designed for a best-case scenario of users owning many movies, but in fact, the average collection size was 3 movies. The app's registrants were in their 30s (moms), but its users were in fact young children aged 2 - 5 years old. These young kids were watching movies on hand-me-down tablets and mobile devices, and they were highly motivated by their favorite movie characters. 

With these learnings, we designed a kid-friendly and recommendation-based experience for Disney Movies Anywhere. The new app included individual profiles with personalized recommendations, character pages with free short-form content, and stronger parental controls that emphasized an out-of-the-box experience. With an enhanced design, the app continues to break its records for downloads, registrants and movie purchases.