Central Desktop

Project Management App  See Live

Central Desktop's software allowed for marketing teams and ad agencies to collaborate and manage projects, but over time, the webapp had grown unruly. New features were added ad hoc as clients requested them, and there was no overarching product strategy. As the market for workplace management crowded, Central Desktop called on Primitive Spark to re-think their product's user experience from the ground-up.


Instead of being everything to everyone, we needed to discover the primary pain point of workflow management. After conducting competitive reviews, stakeholder interviews and user research, it became clear that Central Desktop's users wanted an easier way to create projects on the fly. I created and tested an interactive Axure prototype that demonstrated quick project set-up on multiple devices, so a marketer with an iPad or an account manager on his desktop to easily manage new projects.

Stressed-out project managers wanted an easier way to create projects on the fly.

Stressed out project managers rejoice! We introduced an intuitive Quick Project Setup to Central Desktop with drag-and-drop interactions, clear iconography and a universal sliding drawer. Success followed shortly after -- Central Desktop was acquired by PGi less than a year after our engagement with them.

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